A Guide To Finding A Reliable Tax Consultant Near You

Many people hire tax consultants or tax preparers to do their taxes without making sure that they are the right person to be trusted with such a crucial matter. Do you need a tax consultant in California? Before rushing to hire the first consultant you meet, we have laid down the steps of finding an expert tax preparer below. 

Check the PTIN

A tax preparer or consultant, who receives a fee for his services, is required by the IRS to have a unique Preparer Tax Identification Number. The IRS also needed you to make sure that the consultant includes this number on your tax return. It should be noted here that volunteer consultants do not need this number. 

Check the credentials

While a PTIN is not hard to get, it’s always good to go with someone who is a licensed attorney, certified public accountant, enrolled agent, or has undergone various IRS programs. A person having such credentials has undergone extensive study, given various examinations and is engaged in ongoing education. 

Consider the fees charged

You might have a few tax consultants picked out to go with. Before choosing ‘The One,’ take your time to compare the fees charged by them. Genuine professionals usually charge by the hour. If you come across someone who charges fees based on the size of your refund or promises bigger refunds than his counterparts, it’s time to get out of there. 

Check whether the preparer does e-filing

Any tax consultant or preparer who takes fees for their services and has done more than 10 returns for their clients is required by the IRS to file electronically. If a tax preparer in question does not do e-filing, you need to reconsider choosing them. 

What’s next? 
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